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Metal finishing and protection:

Metal finishing and protection

The characteristic of metals or alloys is that they can create various corrosion reactions (oxides, sulphides, carbonates …) under the physico-chemical influences of air, water or humidity. On some of them it will act as a natural protection and on others destructively in a way that these influences may react with the metal and cause its deterioration. The deterioration of these fragile metals is prevented by protecting it with more resilient coatings which may serve as a finish or have a decorative purpose.

Metal finishing is a way to protect and preserve fragile metals and alloys, by coating them with a more resilient metal which can also have an ornamental function. For this purpose, I use two basic methods of metal finishing: electroplating method of galvanotechnics and metal flakes.

gold plating

Silver plating process, the restoration of the Eternal Light

silver plating and combination of silver and gold plating

metal finishing and metal flakes decoration
Ivan Gagro